La Tartana
de Can Bofill

An agroecological project and housing cooperative
ruled by grant of use

Farming in Collserola

Over the last 62 years Collserola has lost 72% of its agricultural area, decreasing from 1749 ha to 490 ha. The project named “Tartana” is our contribution to fight against the abandonment of the productive activity of the farms in Collserola.

Access to Land

Speculation with land and housing makes it difficult to start and get agricultural, livestock, forestry and life projects off the ground. Business expectations don’t get along with agroforestry needs and rhythms. Little by little, Collserola Natural Park is becoming a luxury residence.

Access to Housing

We suggest a collective solution: a housing cooperative ruled by grant of use. A non-profit organization model to provide housing for an affordable price.


A project based on short routes, agroecological production, co-responsibility, non-intermediation and decision-making by an assembly. It is the result of a constant trial and error of alternatives suggested by producers and consumers that take part of the project.


We want to withdraw Can Bofill from the market so that no one will ever be able to sell it and the property will always be collective. We want to consolidate a space for the construction of alternatives and resistance to speculation. As well as continuing developing agro-ecological projects.

Social Moviments

It is a space where different social struggles of the Baix Llobregat (Catalonia) have come together. We want to promote a place where the community can meet and take action, adapting the space for activities, events, conferences and training for social organizations and movements.

  • 15 years ago

    Beginning of the agroecological project
    with a sharecropping deal

  • May 2018

    The property is put up for sale. The idea of creating a housing cooperative arises.

  • September 2018

    We see economic viability for the project. We seek funding in Coop57.

  • Desember 2018

    We sign the sales contract with the owners.

  • Currently

    Justification of the social purpose of the project with Coop57. Social guarantee.

  • Mid March 2019

    Deadline for submitting Coop57 social guarantee we have collected.

  • August 2019

    Purchase of the property and rehabilitation. Beginning of other projects.

We ask for your support

We have suggested Coop57 they could buy the property so that it will become a collective property for organisations and social movements and at the same time we asked them to finance the rehabilitation for this reason we are asking your support as social guarantors.

What is a social guarantor?

n our case it is a statement where those who subscribe, confirm that the project we are promoting responds to criteria of self-management, assembling, cooperativism and agroecology.

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